Wat Thammongkol
                                 Phra Khanong District 

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                               Phra Viriya Mongkol Maha Chedi
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                               The Largest Jade Buddha Image    
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                            The Largest Chao Mae Guan Im
                                            made from Jade.   

Location Map
GPS :  13.6851008,100.6109144

at Thammongkol is located at Sukhumvit Rd., Soi 101,
Bangkok. The temple has Phra Viriya Mongkol Maha Chedi
which is the tallest chedi in Thailand. The top of the chedi
is decorated with pure gold weighs 17 kilograms, and 1,063
diamonds. On the other side of the chedi there are two jade
images. One is the jade Buddha image, and the other is
Chinese "Chao Mae Guan Im" image, the largest image made
from jade (from Kings Mountain, Canada).

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