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      Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaeo) 
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                         The Temple of the Emerald Buddha
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The Temple viewed from a large lawn just before entering the gate to the Grand Palace.

Phra Sri Ratana Chedi, Phra Mondhop and Prasart Phra Debidorn

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                                Prasart Phra Debidorn

          The Chapel Royal of the Emerald Buddha
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                 Decoration on the outside wall of the
Temple of the Emerald Buddha

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Location Map
GPS :  13.7514967,100.4926686

Wat Phra Kaeo is one of the world's great sights.

It serves as the royal chapel and no monks live there.
Wat Phra Kaeo was built in 1782 or 226 years ago.

The Emerald Buddha sits atop an 11-meter tall gilded
altar, protected by a nine-tiered umbrella.
Wat Phrakaeo Video

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Demon gate-guardian

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Ramakien mural painting on the gallery around the Temple of the
Emerald Buddha

The visit to Wat Phra Kaeo is highly recommended.
Upon entering each visitor will get a brochure explaining
the important places in the compound, including a map.
After turning left, several amazing architectural structures
are in front of you. Large standing guardian giants, and
Phra Sri Ratana Chedi, Phra Mondhop, and Prasart Phra
Debidorn are the next popular places for tourists to
take pictures. The beauty of the temple and the
details of every piece of architecture are difficult to
find elsewhere.

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The next very important visit is the Chapel Royal of
the Emerald Buddha. Inside this chapel you can see
the Emerald Buddha which is located at the high level
and photography is forbidden. However, tourists can
take zoom picture outside of the temple as we have
shown here (using digital camera with 3X zoom).


Click here for brief history of the Emerald Buddha.

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The Emerald Buddha
The Ubosoth
Viharn of the Gandhara
Buddha Image
Ho Rachapongsanusorn
Phra Pothithat Piman
Ho Rachakaramanusorn
Figure of a Seated Hermit
The Royal Pantheon
Two Gilt Stupa
Phra Mondop (the Library)
Phra Si Ratana Chedi
Model of Angkor Wat
Monument of Previous Kings
Ho Phra Monthien Tham
Viharn Yod
Viharn Phra Nak
Eight Prang (towers)


Map of the Temple of
the Emerald Buddha

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